The 2nd Swindon and Severn Course in ‘ Transformational Leadership , Collaborative Management and Health economics’

Category: Training - Training Days/Workshops

Date: February 11th 2013 until February 12th 2013

Location: Clifton Pavilion Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3HA

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Dear All

The 2nd Swindon and Severn Course in ‘ Transformational Leadership , Collaborative Management and Health economics’ is being expanded to six days – i.e three 2 day modules covering the above mentioned topics. The teams of trainees and mangers will also do a Project and do not pay for the 6 day taught course. There will be one team from each hospital in the Severn deanery.

We are also associating with Keele University this year – they will not only deliver a part of the course, the participants will have an opportunity to get their Project assessed by Keele (on payment of £400) and get a Keele Postgraduate Award in Healthcare Leadership and Management. They can also proceed to do an additional module from a choice of four (eg post grad education involving 2 days at Keele and some online learning) with an additional payment of £450 and get a Keele Postgraduate Certificate. Similarly they can later proceed to do a Masters if they so desire.

 Option 1: 

CPD only: 6 days taught course ( 11/12 feb 2013, 18/19 April 2013 and 17/18 June 2013)

Option 2:

30 credit Postgraduate Award - Price per participant in addition to £695 above  

Option 3:

60 credit Postgraduate Certificate ( one extra module)

Total Cost









I have reserved 10 places for Consultants/SAS Doctors/Managers/other senior healthcare professionals ( who may/may not be a mentor to the participating trainee-manager team), managers ( who are not part of the team) and other senior professionals – who will pay £650 for the 6 day course and additionally if they so desire. If they are not going for the P/G Award or Certificate, they do not have to do a project. The normal certificate course is often spread over a year, people have to attend multiple sessions far out of town and the cost is between £4000-6000. This obviously presents a good, cost effective and convenient opportunity to improve your understanding of these issues, and get an award/certificate if you so desire. The Consultant places will be reserved on a first come first serve basis – a deposit of £100 is required to secure your place. 

Provisional Content - will be around:

PART 1 11 and 12 feb 2013 “Becoming an Effective Leader”

Day 1: The Leadership Context
Suggested Content :

  • NHS Policy and the Leadership Challenge
  • Understanding the NHS Today
  • The Challenge of Leading Intelligent People
  • Project

*Optional: MBTI for those who have not taken the Indicator previously (at the end of the day)

Day 2: The Effective Leader

Suggested content:

  • Leading and Managing: what’s the difference?
  • Leading Teams
  • Leading Change Effectively
  • Guest Speaker

PART 2: 18 and 19 April 2013 “Managing the Business”

Day 1: The NHS in Context

Suggested content:

  • How Does the NHS Compare with Other Healthcare Systems?
  • What is Health Economics and How Can I Use It?
  • Project
  • Guest Speaker

Day 2: Financing and Commissioning NHS Services

Suggested Content:

  • Financing the NHS
  • Commissioning Services
  • Making a Business Case

PART 3: 17 and 18th June 2013 “Innovation and Strategy in Healthcare”

Day 1: Creativity and Innovation

Lessons in Leading Change for Sustained Development

Day 2: Presentation of Projects to Senior Trust Panel

Close of Module.

The trainee-manager team for each Trust (one team per Trust in the Severn Deanery) will be selected by Project submission – this is the ‘service improvement project’ you are going to enter for the course. The application is by a trainee -please submit an outline of the Project under the headings of Objective, Description, Methodology, Anticipated Efficiency in less than 400 words. In addition please describe in 400 words ‘why do you want to do this course and what do you aim to achieve by it’. 

Please send these to Amy Cook by Friday 26th October 2012 – the selected trainee will be notified by 16th November 2012. All trainees will have to give a refundable deposit of £100 if selected – in case of non attendance this will not be refunded. 

The prize for the winning team is payment toward Keele post graduate certificate, and the runner up team gets the payment towards Keele post graduate Award. 

For further information and to book a place on the course please contact: Luke Newman on 01793 604432 or email:

£100 deposit required to secure a place on the course. Full balance to be paid by 17thDecember 2012.