Clinical Radiology - Senior Stream ST 3+ - Online Teaching - Careers, Leadership & Management

Category: Training - Other

Date: November 4th 2020 12:30pm until 5:00pm

Location: Online


The Severn Radiology Registrars  are working to streamline  the deanery teaching. Teaching has been split into 3 Streams - Junior (ST1/ST2), Senior (ST3+) and ALL Registrars.  This will take place on Wednesday afternoons between 12:30 pm and 17:00 pm.


This is the stream aimed at Junior Registrars ST3+


Wednesday 4th November  2020. 



Careers Leadership & Management




If you wish to attend, please sign up below. You will need to apply for study leave in the usual way. 




Following your attendance at the session, a link will be sent to you with a feedback form.  On receipt of a completed the feedback form a Certificate of Attendance will be issued.



If you have any queries please contact HEE Team or the Registrar Teaching Team. 





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