Clinical Radiology ARCP's ST1-ST4

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Date: June 16th 2020 9:00am until 5:00pm

Location: Park House, 1200 Bristol Parkway North, Newbrick Rd, Bristol BS34 8YU

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Clinical Radiology ARCPS  for ST1-ST4 will be held virtually on 16th and 23rd June  2020.  The Portfolio Review for these dates is 2nd June 2020 (trainees not required to attend, just ensure all evidence is uploaded to Kaizen by 2nd June 2020).  Please sign up below stating am or pm after your name if you would like a phone call on 16th June 2020.  If you would like a call on June 23rd please visit that page to sign up.



Key paperwork that will be reviewed is: 


  • A completed and signed Educational Supervisors Structured Report (please do not fill in the end of placement appraisal – this should be done in July).   This can be performed remotely, and some people have found Zoom or Microsoft teams a good way of meeting up 


  • Your logbook (modality and procedural numbers please)  


  • Direct output from CRIS of your plain film numbers. Please specify the dates from which this was data was collected – this allows us to calculate your annual output. Do not summarise this without also providing the raw data. There are various ways of outputting this data. Please ask your PACS office/ clinical tutor/ educational supervisor for help with this data if you do not know how to do it.  


  • Completed workplace-based assessments, including your MSF.  


  • The Form R, all sections and the new Part B self declaration form.   This should be signed and dated but not more than 4 weeks before the ARCP.  Please can this be uploaded into a folder in documents on Kaizen, and a copy be returned to your AES, and  a copy to us via School of Radiology email inbox -   by 19th May 2020.


  • The Scope of Practice form (if applicable - see below) 


Optional (but strongly advised – hint, hint!) 


  • copy of your CV (please update this annually) 


  • copy of any achievements (awards, prizes, commendations, published abstracts, papers, posters, presentations) 


The ARCP provides a formal process that reviews the evidence presented by you and your educational supervisor relating to your progress in the training programme, enabling us to document that the competences/capabilities required are being gained at an appropriate rate and through appropriate experience. 


If you have any mitigating circumstances which you feel has impacted on your progression you should not wait until the ARCP to raise these.  You should discuss this with your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director.  I would also remind you that support is available through the Deanery Professional Support and Well-being service.   


As part of their documentary evidence for the ARCP, you must submit updated documentation form giving accurate demographic details for use in the HEE database. This is via the Form R.  It is also important to ensure that all relevant supporting evidence around revalidation is provided to the ARCP panel.  This includes details of all areas in which you have worked as a doctor for any other employer since your last ARCP (including voluntary and locums) across your full scope of practice. This must include all activities that require GMC registration with a licence to practise as well as details of any investigations that have yet to be completed. This evidence assists the Postgraduate Dean/RO in making a recommendation to the GMC about revalidation (when required).  



Please return your Form R, CV and Wider Scope of Practice form to by  Tuesday 19th May 2020.   


  • The portfolio needs to be submitted by 09:00am on 2nd June for the panel to review in absentia. 


Please refer to the ARCP Guidance for trainees and PGMDE Teams email of 5th May for furhter information and check the college website for up to date information on requirements.  This was due to be published on the 11th May. 


If you are on maternity leave you do not need to have an ARCP until your return to work. 


If you have any questions please contact Susan House, Education & Programme Manager. 


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