It is expected that all StRs will pass FRCR Part IIb during their fourth year.  There is an extensive amount of experience and good will amongst the consultants of the Severn scheme and a large amount of exam-specific teaching is on offer. It is expected that the registrars sitting the exam to organise a programme of tutorials prior to the exam with the consultant body. 

After passing the exam, the registrar can concentrate on their developing sub-speciality skills, and to develop their portfolio of Audit/Research/Teaching/Management experience ready for their forthcoming consultant or fellowship post interviews.


Prior to passing the FRCR Part IIb examination, the registrar will be expected to concentrate on achieving all core competences of the RCR curriculum. Once this exam is passed then registrars can start concentrating on developing sub-specialty skills.
There is degree of choice in rotations in the fourth year. For those aiming at detailed sub-specialty training, this can start immediately after success in the FRCR Part IIb exams. For those aiming at a broader portfolio of skills, a general rotation, perhaps in a district general hospital would be more appropriate.

Targets for the Year

There are strict targets which must be achieved if an StR is to pass seamlessly through their ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) into the next year. Further targets for the year are specified in the RCR Curriculum, and can be found in the 'WBA, e-portfolio and ARCP menu on the left.  The FRCR Part IIb examination must be passed in the year 4 to progress to year 5.  The targets include Radiological Competencies, Generic Competencies, DOPS and Mini-IPX.

On Call

Fourth year StRs perform on-call duties in their base hospital with the exception of those training at RUH Bath who perform on-call duties in Bristol.