Year 2 is spent six months in Bristol, six months out of Bristol.


Regional all school teaching is monthly and details are on the events page.


StRs spend six months at either UHBristol or North Bristol Trust (Southmead), and six months at a peripheral hospital outside Bristol. Whilst at Southmead, attachments in neuroradiology and breast radiology are usual. Whilst at UHBristol, it is normal to spend three months in paediatric radiology. During this year, trainees will be working towards achieving all core competences of the RCR curriculum.

Targets for the Year

There are strict targets which must be achieved if an StR is to pass seamlessly through their ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) into the next year. These are specified in the RCR Curriculum, and can be found in the 'WBA, e-portfolio and ARCP menu on the left. The targets include Radiological Competencies, Generic Competencies, DOPS and Mini-IPX. The main exception from the minimum standards is that we expect each StR to complete a minimum of two mini-IPX and 2 DOPs every three months during modular training. In practice it is anticipated that most StRs will complete more than two of each.

On Call

Second year StRs will normally join the on-call rota as the year progresses, dependent on the clinical needs of the department in which they are based.