There is a comprehensive induction programme during the first two weeks for each StR on joining the scheme. All StRs attend the Bristol Royal Infirmary induction on the first two days of their employment, and then a radiology induction in their second week. They attend Southmead Hospital induction either in September, or in February when they rotate there. Details on the Induction web page.


There is a six month physics and anatomy teaching programme covering the FRCR Part I syllabus from September until March each year, followed by a four month Emergency Radiology programme from April until July.
Within the first 3 months of the rotations the first year trainees are booked onto a London based A&E plain film reporting course.  It includes the radiological anatomy syllabus and the Radiology physics syllabus.


Part I of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists is taken in March each year. From 2010 onwards it includes the radiological anatomy syllabus and the Radiology physics syllabus.


The majority of the StRs spend six months at either UHBristol or North Bristol Trust (Southmead). Everyone swops over for the second six months.

The first six months are spent gaining experience in plain film reporting, ultrasound, fluoroscopy and CT.

There is also a comprehensive teaching programme in both physics and anatomy in preparation for the FRCR Part 1 examination.

The second six months largely focus on gaining skills necessary for on-call, focusing on acute CT, ultrasound and MRI.

Targets for the Year

There are strict targets which must be achieved if an StR is to pass seamlessly through their ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) into the next year. These are specified in the RCR Curriculum, and can be found in the 'WBA, e-portfolio and ARCP menu on the left. The targets include Radiological Competencies, Generic Competencies, DOPS and Mini-IPX. The main exception from the minimum standards is that we expect each StR to complete a minimum of two mini-IPX and two DOPs every three months during modular training. In practice it is anticipated that most StRs will complete more than two of each.

On Call

First year StRs do not do on call duties. At present it is expected that they may join the on call rota at their hospital during their second year, and definitely at the start of their third year.