The Severn School of Radiology offers the following Sub-Specialties:

Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology

This three year fellowship lasts from ST4-ST6 and is based at Southmead Hospital with rotation to the Children’s Hospital.

Radionuclide Radiology

This is a 15 month block of training post FRCR which includes training towards full competence in aspects of Diagnostic Radionuclide Radiology and PET/CT. This rotation is by competitive interview and based in Bristol, Bath and Cheltenham.

Interventional Radiology

This three year fellowship lasts from ST4-ST6. Application is by competitive interview. This rotation is based in Bristol with rotations to Taunton and possibly Cheltenham. This training post will lead to competence in all vascular and non-vascular interventional specialties.